From ideas, the seeds of vision grow.
I create photographs that turn vision into reality. Some of my best work happens when I colaborate with a client for the first time; their vision exites my own, and having the skills to execute that into a sucessful photograph is what makes me feel good about what I do.

I always notice the quality of light around me. As a professional photographer, I've spent years learning the many different ways to create mood from it. Not all things can be interesting as a part, but light played upon the surface makes a subject interesting as a whole. This is why photography is considered an art.

My approach is simple and quite straight forward - I plan, prepare, then proceed- with an open mind. To think there can be only one way to shoot something at any given time is to narrow the possibilities for an even greater reward in the shot that could've been. I promise not to do that.

My goal as a photographer is to have my photographs " breathe" . If I shoot a building, I want you to be able to feel it's presence. If I shoot a portrait, I want you to know what that person is about. If I shoot a landscape, I want you to have some idea of what it was like to be there.
Being able to have people connect with my work is what make me feel successful.

I belong to several different professional organizations; the Professional Photographers of WV, the Society of Photo Finishing Engineers, the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, as well as the Society for Certified Photographic Consultants. This allows me to keep up on the ever changing world of photography as well as trends.

 I have been privileged in being a speaker and instructor with several workshops and trade shows over the past few years. I enjoy this as much as the students and participants - it pushes me to keep creating and learning - to stay "relevant" . That's the challenge and the reward -inspiring and being inspired.

All The Best!

Clayton Spangler


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